More beautiful, safer and more long lasting

The shutters from the new series ALUNOVUM GREEN, with patented hardware, are ideal for new builds and renovations and are designed with
6 big advantages:
1. Harmonious and pure lines. Clean, elegant lines blend perfectly with any kind of building. Their innovative design uses aluminium for structural profiles, as well as for supporting mechanisms and Louvre orientation, thereby eliminating visible plastic elements typical of traditional Louvre shutters.

2. Customized finishes. The metal components of new ALUNOVUM GREEN can be supplied in the same colour as the profiles. This gives versatility in matching the colour of handles, hinges and even the inside edges of the surface finish of the structure, guaranteeing maximum elegance and homogeneity to the finished product.

3. More functional and longer lasting he great mechanical strength of aluminium profiles and their perfect surface finish guarantee high security and practically no further maintenance required. Also, the choice of metal, not plastic, for the support mechanisms and louvre orientation ensures effective weather resistance and better functionality.

4. More secure against break-ins. By using metal hardware, ALUNOVUM GREEN guarantees higher anti-burglary security standards compared with tradition systems using plastic hardware.

5. Can accommodate security bars. In response to increased security requirements, the slats and hardware of ALUNOVUM GREEN are pre-prepared to accommodate steel reinforcements for security and high anti-burglary performance.

6. Ergonomics and light The new slat-orientation mechanism has been designed for comfortable, easy and silent daily opening and closing. A small, ergonomic knob can be turned for easy adjustment of the amount of light and fresh air admitted to the room.

The ALUNOVUM GREEN series comprises aluminium profiles that can be used for various types of external louvre shutters: