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The ALUNOVUM Veranda system creates verandas with bi-fold and concertina doors – a perfect solution for enjoying terraces and garden areas all year round, whatever the season. What is most striking is the possibility of completely opening large walls, bringing maximum luminosity to living spaces and the pleasant sensation of no barriers between indoors and outdoors.

The verandas are light and easy to open and close. The sliding system allows you to completely open or close the structure in a few seconds. In an instant, your room is totally open or closed and protected against the weather. ALUNOVUM Veranda’s easy bi-fold opening solves the problem of space taken up by open panels, typical of large casement doors, without compromising on performance and ensuring a high level of heat and sound insulation. With the ALUNOVUM Veranda series you can create glazed or louvred verandas to suit a variety of living or architectural needs, thereby guaranteeing great flexibility of use.

The system offers sunken thresholds that eliminate any kind of architectural barrier enabling everyone to have maximum access to the spaces.