Improve visual comfort and energy saving

This system can be used for extruded aluminium profile shading, capable of reducing heat produced by the sun’s rays inside buildings while, at the same time, satisfying requirements for natural light and visual contact – indispensable for creating spaces that are psychologically comfortable.

Nowadays careful use of energy is essential, focusing on maximum exploitation of free energy from renewable sources such as the sun. However, one must control the optimum level of solar rays shining on the building in the form of light and heat energy. The external louvre blades, positioned horizontally or vertically, are an effective solution to this problem. The ALUNOVUM Shade range includes various sizes of section to satisfy different building and architectural demands.

The harmonious, elegant line of ALUNOVUM shading enables it to adapt perfectly to any kind of building: homes, offices, companies, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, sports complexes etc. High-resistance aluminium alloys are used for optimum seal.

The system can be used as needed on curtain walls or metal or masonry structures. The blades are:

• fixed, at varying angles – from 15° to 65° – at various distances from each other;

• Positioned horizontally or vertically.