New and antique elegance

The ALUNOVUM Scuro series can be used for external shutters that combine classic design and state-of-the-art technology. Just a few gestures and you have more protection against the wind and weather, improved privacy and security and shade from sunlight and summer heat.

ALUNOVUM shutters are elements of traditional beauty that have a profound effect on the look of a building. This is why ALUNOVUM Scuro reproduces the forms of the most traditional wooden shutters, offering countless combinations of profiles, finishes and slats in response to aesthetic and architectural requirements that often vary from region to region and sometimes from province to province.

ALUNOVUM Scuro solutions are especially suited for renovations and new building of farmhouses, country houses and buildings in hill or mountain areas, where their good insulation is much appreciated.

Not only do ALUNOVUM shutters keep out the sun and prying eyes and make our rooms more comfortable, but thanks to the strength of aluminium profiles they also protect windows from weather and break-ins, offering increased security.Lastly, they have no need of extraordinary maintenance or periodical repainting. They are easy and quick to clean.