Inner beauty, outer strength

ALUNOVUM PF-Wood thermal break aluminium and wood doors and windows combine the strength and stability of aluminium on the outside with the refinement and natural warmth of wood on the inside, to ensure high standards of thermo-acoustic insulation and protection from the weather. The two materials blend harmoniously to create a streamlined, minimal line.
ALUNOVUM PF-Wood guarantees high performance for visible transmittance and overall heat loss (Uw). For example, a single window with dimensions of mm 900x1400h, with glass heat transfer (Ug) of 0.6 W/m2K and warm edge has a heat loss (Uw) of 1.31 W/m2K.

This value meets the strictest demands of legislation on energy saving in building. On the one hand, we have a reduction of energy consumption and associated heating and air-conditioning costs, while on the other, of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus better safeguarding the environment.
With its ideal combination of elegance and functionality, ALUNOVUM PF-Wood fits in with all architectural styles, allowing you to construct large-size doors and windows with total vision of the outdoors. With the wide range of wood grains available and great assortment of colours and external finishes, you can bring a lively, personal touch to every room.

Advantages of ALUNOVUM PF-WOOD