Sliding doors and windows with innovative appearance and performance

ALUNOVUM PF-Slide is the sliding version of a range of thermal break, high performance doors and windows, with a highly sophisticated look. This refined, new solution looks beyond fads and fashions, winning acclaim time and time again.

With visible surfaces of profiles reduced to a minimum, ALUNOVUM PF-Slide’s minimal design and light, essential elegance brings maximum luminosity to your rooms. The slimmed-down profiles, greater glazed area and search for high-performance insulating materials make ALUNOVUM PF-Slide doors and windows high-performance in terms of window heat transfer (Uw) and visible transmittance.
The end result are welcoming, bright and pleasantly comfortable rooms that protect the serenity and rest of their inhabitants.
The ALUNOVUM PF-Slide system can be used for large-sized doors and windows with total vision of the outdoors, in a vast range of colours and finishes – including steel-effect – able to satisfy all aesthetic and building requirements. Continuous research into component design has resulted in important innovation regarding the patented sliding tracks, with reduced dimensions and considerable load-bearing capacity.
Structural silicon fixes the panels to their glazing which is load-bearing. The doors are closed by an aluminium handle integrated into the side panel. This system is designed so that frames and panels can be completely inset into walls and floor, leaving only the central part visible, measuring just 26 mm. It can also be used when renovating existing buildings, in which case the perimeter measurement is 59 mm.