Practical and strong at the service of industry

The ALUNOVUM P-75 series for industrial doors allows for a broad range of types, with manual or motorized movement: casement doors, sliding doors with one or more panels (can be stackable), bi-fold doors with one or more panels that fold to one or both sides. The specific profiles and hardware have been designed to build doors of considerable size, both in height and in width. Pedestrian access doors and glazed panels can be inserted, fully compliant with accident prevention regulations currently in force in Italy.

With their clever mix of practicality, strength, elegance and functionality, ALUNOVUM P-75 doors can be adapted to any environment and the most varied working requirements, guaranteeing excellent resistance to weather and good heat insulation.

Thanks to the wealth of profiles, finishes and colours, architects and designers have ample freedom in creating solutions that bring out the character and style of the company.

Advantages of ALUNOVUM P-75 industrial doors