Perfect balance of style, elegance and performance

The ALUNOVUM P-52 TT and P-66 TT series for thermal break doors and windows have an enviable harmony of performance, design and price. Carefully designed profiles, high-quality components and thermal breaks with 18mm and 32mm bars respectively enable these systems to guarantee effective and long-lasting heat and noise insulation and protection from the weather.

As well as complying with the strictest energy-saving requirements, ALUNOVUM P-52 TT and P-66 TT are extremely robust, so they can be used for large sized doors and windows without risk to safety or functionality. Their sleek, elegant design meets the needs both of new builds and renovations.

The minimal visible surface of the profile, given the same overall area of the door or window, allows for a larger area of glazing, resulting in more transparency and light for the home.

Advantage of ALUNOVUM P-66 TT


Window heat transfer (Uw)
(Window with two panels mm1200 x 1400h, Ug= 0.6 W/m K and warm edge spacing)

2,34 ÷ 1,98 W/m 2 K

Sound insulation

45 db


Class 4

Water tightness

Class E 1500

Resistance to wind load

Class C5