Performance with attitude

The ALUNOVUM P-100 Slide TT series for sliding and lift-and-slide thermal break doors and windows is ideal when high performance is needed, in both residential and commercial buildings.

The innovative design and high-quality components of this series enable you to solve the two classic, major problems of traditional sliding doors and windows – high heat loss through the frame and poor drainage capability. ALUNOVUM P-100 Slide TT has excellent water- and airtightness. It also guarantees high thermal insulation, as profiles have among the lowest values of heat transfer (Uf) for their category, thus meeting the strictest requirements of current legislation on energy efficiency in building.

ALUNOVUMP-100 Slide TT can be used to build large-sized doors and windows, up to a weight of 200 kg per panel, with panels continuing to open and close easily and comfortably.

Available types: doors and windows with one or more panels and various kinds of opening and movement – fixed,sliding, lifting.

Advantages of ALUNOVUM P-100 SLIDE TT


Profile heat transfer: Uf

2,74 ÷ 3,49 W/m2K

Noise reduction

39 db


Class 4

Water tightness

Class E 900

Wind resistance

Class B3