Today, most construction projects are subject to intense time pressure. With appropriate planning, the ALUNOVUM unitized facade systems enable extremely straightforward processing, by means of serial production and pre-assembly of the individual facade units in the workshop. This pre-assembly process is completely unaffected…

Elegance and new styles for curtain walls

Today’s building envelopes require careful technical design, but without ignoring the aesthetic aspect. With this knowledge, the Technical Department of the Alunovum Group developed ALUNOVUM P-50 STICK CURTAINWALL for mullion and transom curtain walls….

The charm of all-glass beauty

The ALUNOVUM P-50 STRUCTURAL GLAZING series for glazed facades uses the same basic structure of horizontal and vertical elements as ALUNOVUM P-50 Glass, but has a special system for attaching the glass that gives a structural look to the facade…

A Practical, functional solution for new buildings and architectural renovation

The ALUNOVUM FV system for ventilated facades is made up of a structure of aluminium struts and hardware to which panels made of aluminium sheet or composite materials like Alucobond are fixed. A variation is available with structural and semi-structural glazing….

Geometric patterns for facades

ALUNOVUM GRID is a system of aluminium facade sun screens, for structural and visual lightening of the facade’s architectural impact. The grids, made of slanting slats of 30 or 80 mm, or 30 mm square, enable the creation of unusual…