The practical, robust roller shutters

The ALUNOVUM Silent series offers roller shutters in aluminium – very common in modern buildings – that are extremely practical to use, as they have the advantages of other shading systems but do not occupy space externally.  ALUNOVUM Silent lets you comfortably adjust the light and fresh air coming in to your home, gives you better protection from the outside and reduces heat loss.

In summer, the roller shutter prevents the sun’s rays from heating up your home, while in winter it can be closed to help save energy. The air layer between the window and the shutter acts as insulation. The strength of the aluminium profiles guarantees a good level of security against break-ins. The quality of surface finishes also guarantees that practically no maintenance is needed.

ALUNOVUM Silent reduces external noise and also has a specific built-in element that considerably reduces the noise made when rolling up or down. Roller shutters for large-sized doors or windows can also be motorized to avoid excessive effort in moving them.

• Effective security against break-ins.
• High resistance and minimum maintenance.
• Notably silent functioning.
• Energy saving.
• Protection from weather: wind, rain, snow, hail etc.
• Screening and therefore greater safeguarding of privacy.
• Acoustic protection: reduction of sounds from the outside environment.