Time is precious

Today, most construction projects are subject to intense time pressure. With appropriate planning, the ALUNOVUM unitized facade systems enable extremely straightforward processing, by means of serial production and pre-assembly of the individual facade units in the workshop.

This pre-assembly process is completely unaffected by weather conditions. Consequently, this permits rapid and economical implementation for buildings of any size, whilst simultaneously enabling creative diversity and a delicate appearance.

Furthermore, it is particularly in renovation projects that these systems offer great advantages for improvement of energy values, thanks to a possible implementation during building use. You can rely on the ALUNOVUM team to support you throughout your project.

ADVANTAGES OF ALUNOVUM P-85 unitized curtainwall: Unitized curtain walling brings all the advantages of off-site construction to the building envelope. These include:

On site
• reductions in time on site of up to 70 per cent
• improved safety – fewer operatives are required on site, the need for scaffolding is eliminated and there are reductions in working at height
• earlier fitting out as the building envelope to each floor is completed
• construction is less affected by inclement weather
• storage of cladding materials and glass handling on site can be completely
eliminated – a major advantage for constrained city Centre sites
• more efficient control of materials, including less wastage, loss and damage
• the construction program is more predictable and delays on site are less likely
• The façade panels are manufactured off-site and craned into position, making this a
highly efficient solution where site access is restricted.
• significantly improved quality and performance because the façade panels are
completed off-site in a controlled factory environment
• higher quality interfaces because design responsibility for the complete envelope is with one team, led by ALUNOVUM
• accurate installation using a range of adjustable fixing systems
• better resistance against earthquake
Cost Effective
• there are cost savings on site preliminaries and scaffolding
• the option of standardization for economies of scale and material optimization
• suitable for both new build and refurbishment
• the system can be supplied from stock for fast track projects
• Faster programming times leading to earlier occupation and a faster return on investment for  the developer.

• Frame heat transfer Uf = 2,56 ÷ 1,4 W/m2K;
• Sound insulation: 42 dB;
• Airtightness: Class A4;
• Water tightness: Class R7;
• Wind resistance: 2000 N/m2 (safety 2250 N/m2).