Design and energy efficiency

ALUNOVUM P-62 TT and ALUNOVUM P-78 TT are thermal break series for windows and French windows, designed to meet the strictest energy requirements of current European legislation, as well as satisfying all design needs. They are the ideal solution for all projects where a very high seal performance is crucial – so not only new builds but also renovations and architectural restoration.

Their innovative design, use of high-quality components, thermal breaks with 24mm or 40mm bars and the possibility of fitting very thick double glazing (up to 70mm for ALUNOVUM P-78 TT) enable these systems to guarantee excellent thermo-acoustic insulation, creating more comfortable rooms and reducing heating and cooling costs.

The aluminium structure is extremely robust, so they can be used for large sized doors and windows without risk to safety or functionality.

Advantages of ALUNOVUM P-62 TT and P-78 TT
• extraordinary thermal insulation with among the lowest heat transfer (Uf) values in its  category;
• seals made in highly thermo-insulating materials;
• suitable for Euro groove or standard groove 16mm hardware;
• high resistance and minimum maintenance;
• profile strength for building large doors and windows;
• high-load bearing hardware;
• vast range of profiles, shapes and finishes to satisfy all aesthetic and construction requirements.

Profile heat transfer (Uf)

1,8÷1,4 W/m 2 K

Window heat transfer (Uw)
(window with two panels mm
1200x1400h, Ug = 0.6 W/m K
and warm edge spacing)

1,35 W/m 2 K

Sound insulation 45 dB
Airtightness Class 4
Water tightness Class E 1500
Resistance to wind load Class C5