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The ALUNOVUM P-170 AS TT series can create large-sized thermal break lift-and-slide and sliding products with large areas of glass, combining elegance, practicality and performance. Ideal for both private and commercial building, the lift-and-slide ALUNOVUM P-170 AS TT brings maximum brightness to our rooms, giving us that lovely feeling of no barriers between indoors and outdoors and guaranteeing good protection against the weather, as well as great heat and noise insulation.

The hardware of ALUNOVUM P-170 AS TT enables the large panels to open and close smoothly, lightly and silently, with a fully insulated sunken threshold in line with legislation on eliminating architectural barriers. An automatic opening system can be built in with special sensors that block the panels in case of obstacles.

With ALUNOVUM P-170 AS TT you can create doors and windows with one ormore panels that open or are fixed, with various kinds of opening and movement and with double or triple tracks.
Performance of ALUNOVUM P-170 AS TT
• Window heat transfer Uw = 1,51 W/m2K (one panel system mm
2500x2200h, Ug = 0.6 W/m2K and warm edge);
• Noise reduction: 41÷38 dB (depending on double glazing used);
• Airtightness: Class 4;
• Water tightness: Class E 900;
• Wind resistance: Class C5.

Advantages of ALUNOVUM P-170 AS TT
• No space taken up by doors or windows.
• Great thermal insulation ensured by warm edge bars.
• Good sound insulation.
• Refined design to satisfy all aesthetic requirements.
• High resistance and minimum maintenance.
• Possibility of constructing large-sized doors and windows with maximum luminosity.
• With the vast range of profiles, shapes and finishes, all kinds of solution are possible.