Stylish and practical sliding and lift-and -slide solutions

Designed to satisfy requirements of European regulations on energy efficiency in building, the ALUNOVUM P-150 TT S thermal break series with sliding opening and ALUNOVUM TT AS with lift-and-slide opening are ideal solutions for dividing up large spaces while maintaining visual continuity with the outside. So they are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings – hotels, restaurants etc.

Specific design and well-chosen double glazing gives them good heat insulation, minimizing dispersion between inside and outside.

Thanks to the great strength of aluminium profiles and the types of opening of both systems, it is extremely easy to build large-sized doors and windows with large expanses of glazing. So our rooms can enjoy maximum brightness, giving us that lovely feeling of no barriers between indoors and outdoors. A perfect match of elegance, practicality and comfort.

The hardware used on ALUNOVUM P-150 TT S and ALUNOVUM TT AS enables you to move even very heavy panels with little effort and a smooth movement. Completely automatic opening can be built in with special sensors that block the panels in case of obstacles, for safety in use.

Advantages of ALUNOVUM P-150 TT S & ALUNOVUM TT AS
• No space taken up by doors or windows.
• Good thermal insulation ensured by warm edge bars.
• Refined design to satisfy all aesthetic requirements.
• High resistance and minimum maintenance.
• Possibility of constructing large-sized doors and windows with maximum luminosity.
• With the vast range of profiles, shapes and finishes, all kinds of solution are possible.

Profile heat transfer (Uf) 2,4÷2,8 W/m 2 K 2,98÷5,44 W/m 2 K
Airtightness Class 2 Class 2
Water tightness Class A2 Class A2
Resistance to wind load Class C3 Class C3