Organize your space in a functional,flexible way

The ALUNOVUM Office series of aluminium dividing walls is the ideal solution for dividing and organizing your space easily and quickly. Profiles and junctions – between panels, on ceilings, masonry and corners – are designed to ensure optimum seal, but above all to make all components easy and fast to put up and take down. ALUNOVUM Office brings great flexibility and functionality to subsequent changes or moves.

ALUNOVUM Office dividing walls have good thermo-acoustic insulation and can be easily integrated with windows, doors, casement or hopper, air-flow and other systems. They are capable of satisfying the many requirements of offices, warehouses, laboratories and hospitals.

Advantages ALUNOVUM OFFICE – dividing walls
• Good noise reduction.
• Can adapt to building layout and non-parallel floors.
• All components can be dismantled and remounted.
• Cost-effective solution.
• Maximum versatility and minimum maintenance.
• Vast assortment of finishes, colours and hardware to satisfy all aesthetic requirements.