A Practical, functional solution for new buildings and architectural renovation

The ALUNOVUM FV system for ventilated facades is made up of a structure of aluminium struts and hardware to which panels made of aluminium sheet or composite materials like Alucobond are fixed. A variation is available with structural and semi-structural glazing.

ALUNOVUM FV allows you to create ventilated facades simply and economically. It aims to be a practical, effective system not only for new industrial, office or commercial buildings, but above all for renovating and restoring existing structures.

Ventilated walls protect the existing building from wind and rain and ensure excellent sound insulation, but their main advantage lies in improved energy efficiency. The ventilation created in the cavity by the so-called “chimney effect” and the protection of the existing facade from direct sunshine result in considerable reduction of energy requirements for the structure, both in summer and in winter.

The aluminium or composite panels are available in various finishes and colours, to satisfy all aesthetic and architectural requirements.

Advantages ALUNOVUM FV – ventilated facades
• Protection of the masonry structure from direct effects of weather.
• Improved thermo-acoustic insulation and more wellbeing in the home.
• Movement of air in the cavity helps dry any dampness and remove heat accumulated
• From the sun’s rays in the cladding.
• The ventilated panels can be made of various materials, thus enabling the designer to obtain  special aesthetic results.
• Easy to install